"It's not just the eyeballs as it was before the dotcom crash. It's the 'kind of eyeballs' you collect and how you can slice, dice, and model them."
   - Ning's Infinite Ambition, by Adam L. Penenberg
     (Fast Company, May 2008, pp.76-84)

"Your currency is IDEAS, not time, not money. Make people emotionally attached (Then you become a public utility like blogs, Youtube, or Facebook.)
   - Unknown

What is the ONE, SINGLE THING that you would sell to your consumers? It should be simple and dead easy to understand.

Everybody, everything, every activity can be classified. Analyze what people are doing, on an hourly basis, gather them to groups with a similar activities. Similar topics people are saying; similar music they're listening; similar links people are sharing. It has always been the lack of people's imagination as to how to use the classified data which failed "interest-oriented businesses." Classification methodology has always been valid, for more than thousand years.  

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